30/08/2013 2:40 PM IST | Updated 16/04/2014 4:29 PM IST

Weed Edibles: The Most Creative Marijuana Food Products (PHOTOS)

Apparently stoners make great chefs.

With many states on their way to legalizing marijuana, the conversation surrounding this herb has been even louder than usual lately. With legalization (both for recreational and medicinal purposes) has come a new wave of creativity in terms of one of weed's most popular forms: edibles.

While it may not surprise you that brownies remain one of the most popular marijuana-infused baked goods, it seems that the possibilities are endless when it comes to weed edibles -- we found dispensaries selling everything from throat lozenges to fudge. Considering the way the Internet blew up over Nugtella, we expect even more creations to come.

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