30/07/2010 7:51 PM IST | Updated 25/05/2011 10:45 PM IST

America's Best Rentals -- How Far $3,000 Per Month Goes Across America (PHOTOS)

Times are tight and these rentals are bargains.

Zillow, one of the web's most trusted aggregators of real-estate information, scoured its listings and found rental properties that give tenants the biggest bang for their buck. From Boston to Seattle, you can find steals in housing markets across the nation, like one Seattle condo that not only overlooks Lake Washington, but also boasts an in-ground pool.

Below, we've gather rentals priced around the $3,000 per month range in various large U.S. cities that offer significant bang for your buck. And for more real-estate bargains, check out Zillow.

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