8 Delhi-NCR Restaurants That Are Redefining The Meaning Of Fusion

Gone are the days when a restaurant was meant only for having a meal or a cafe was just for sipping a cuppa. Today, many establishments are striving to assimilate their main protagonist (read: food) with elements of entertainment. This marriage or fusion, if you will, jazzes things up as patrons get to enjoy everything from indoor games to books to crafts to pet-time as they eat.

7 Mumbai Restaurants With Groovy Live Stations

Live stations! Yes, those lovely counters in a restaurant where they cook the food right in front of your eyes. Better still, you decide for yourself what goes into your grub. In other words, you direct the whole show by deciding the ingredients of your meal. There's no two ways about it -- live stations are fast picking up a following in Mumbai and if you haven't tried them out, begin with this list...

10 Microbreweries You Simply Can't Miss In Gurgaon

For some reason, microbreweries look like a distant dream in Delhi. Fortunately, the same can't be said of Gurgaon, which is home to some of the finest microbreweries in the country. If you are planning to head out this evening to kick-start your weekend, here are some places that literally put the "hops" into pub-hopping.

And You Thought You'd Miss North Indian Food In Chennai?

Many times, you come across the claim that Chennai doesn't cater well to the North Indian palate. Guess what? The naysayers are dead wrong. Zomato lists out 8 awesome Punjabi restaurants in Chennai that prove North Indian cuisine is alive and well in Chennai.
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Is Dominos India Toppling Over?

If the recent news of HSBC's devaluation of Zomato by half and Flipkart losing bellwether status has been difficult to digest for you, Dominos India ceasing to be a unicorn is definitely going to have you reaching for the antacids. The poster boy of India's food industry and the country’s most loved pizza brand has taken a beating in its stock price, which has plummeted sharply from ₹2000 in Aug 2015 to ₹1000 in June'16, resulting in valuation of just under $1 billion, the benchmark level used to define startups as unicorns.
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Our Investors Are Bullish: Zomato CEO Responds To HSBC Mark-Down

An HSBC analyst report marked down our valuation from $1 billion to $500 million. For starters, this is very different from all the markdowns so far where investors have marked down their own investments. But given all the media reports, I got a lot of questions from people at Zomato about what's going on. Here's an email I sent to everybody at Zomato (2100 people currently across the world) to allay their concerns and answer their questions. Read on.