What I Learned As A Representative Of India At WEF’s Global Shapers Meet

Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum invited 350 Global Shaper representatives to Geneva to share their perspectives on a range of global and local issues with senior representatives of international organizations, including the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. I was one of 20 Global Shaper representatives from India who attended the meeting.
Jitendra Prakash / Reuters

India’s Warped Idea Of The ‘Demographic Dividend’: Extracting From The Youth, But Not Investing In Them

India is all set to test the assumption that the “youth bulge” is a source of demographic dividend and an economic advantage. The assumption is that greater the number of people in an economy who work, save and pay taxes, the higher will be the economic growth. Recently, three young girls seem to have tested the assumption with their bodies. Their verdict is that all things remaining the same, the demographic dividend may be on life support.
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The Media's Biased Portrayal Of Kashmir Is Causing Untold Damage

In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Mark Antony says in his spectacular soliloquy after Caesar has been murdered: "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." The good of the Kashmiris, it seems, is lost amid today's combative, jingoistic squabbles on prime-time TV. Hot-headed warrior anchors on TV lose no time in pouncing upon Kashmiris for all wrongs, real or perceived.
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Why We Need A Read India Campaign To Write A Better Future For India

Only a small fraction of our population can be called readers. Even when compared with the number of Google users -- an indication of digital social content users -- the percentage remains tiny. However, reading might be essential for the future workforce of the nation. In the coming decades, we need more entrepreneurs and self-employed citizens to keep pace with the aspirations and needs of the population. Hence, it is even more critical that students learn to read beyond short form content, social media and gossip sites.