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Doha Development Round - An Obituary

It was my assessment that proposing a development round was to win friends and influence governments in poor countries. This was nothing short of deception at the highest level. After all, a genuine development round meant that trade would lie at the heart of the development agenda with the developed world unilaterally opening-up to products from poorer countries.
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Can India And China Manage Their Bilateral Issues On A Multilateral Platform Like The AIIB?

As China looks for investment opportunities abroad, and India seeks funding for its infrastructure, the newly founded Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) creates a win-win proposition for both countries. With its disposable capital, China is likely to contribute $50 billion of the $100 billion of the AIIB thus placing it in a position to address the huge infrastructure needs of India and its neighbourhood. That said, a key question remains: how will India and China manage their bilateral issues on a multilateral platform like the AIIB?