Feeling The Power Of Words At The Jaipur Lit Fest

Writing is by its very nature an optimistic and isolated act -- sitting with your pen and paper or typewriter or laptop in a world of your own and hoping that what you are creating will resonate with readers. By the looks of a festival like the JLF, the largest free literary festival in the world, that continues to grow and share this evident love for words year after year, it is safe to say that stories and storytellers are safe...
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A New Juggernaut Rolls Into Town, Brings Mobile Publishing To India

My Twitter timeline has been abuzz. Syria, you think. Rahul Gandhi's latest speech. The lingering after-shocks of Cameron's Piggate. Maybe even some Trump-related jokes. Think again. Ever since it announced its presence circa 6pm on 22 September, the brand new publishing house Juggernaut has not looked like stopping. And like the proverbial juggernaut, it is both formidable and paradigm altering.

Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Fail

With millions of blogs already on the web, and new ones getting in on the act, blogging is an activity that sees a mind-boggling investment of cumulative time and effort. But while all blogs are started with a degree of passion, only some succeed. To be a booming blogger, it is significant you understand that why other bloggers fail.

Why I do not review books for free

Recently, an author with a book fresh from the press sent me review request. Came down straight to the point in a two-line mail - "Where should I send you a copy". No, he did not ask me what the proce...

Why The Ancient Egyptians Would Love Our Yellow Smileys

Come to think of it, hieroglyphic writing was the Egyptians' emoticon-like language and the Rosetta Stone, their tablet. There was a message there that we totally misread. Thankfully, however, we seem to have redeemed ourselves. Unwittingly or otherwise, we have finally realised the immense importance of the symbolic over verbose gobbledygook.