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5 Ways To Ensure That People Read (And Enjoy) Your E-Mails

Since we mostly receive e-mails that are devoid of any human or emotional trace, we've closed our hearts and minds. As such we only feel an underwhelming joy when we receive a new e-mail from a long lost friend. So how do we get some of the old excitement back? E-mails can be as beautiful as lovingly handwritten letters used to be. All we need to do is take few cues from the history of writing letters!
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5 Tips To A Spectacular Book Pitch

A cover letter or an email which you will send across to editors across the country (or countries) can't be more than 200-300 words if you want it to be read. That's the one pager which will make all the difference on whether the editor will even pick up the first chapter of your manuscript. Which is why, the pitch is a nightmarish but important part of your path to publishing.