Khajuraho Beyond The Erotica

To atone for the sins of his unwedded mother, the king Chandravarman laid the foundation of the temples in Khajuraho. For generations the Chandela kings added to the temples of Khajuraho -- each structure more magnificent than the other -- until the fall of the dynasty. With the passage of time, the temples were buried under thick forests and remained lost for 500 years until a British officer stumbled across them in the 19th century. And now here we are, ready to make our own discoveries.
Lakhesis via Getty Images

A Trip To Ancient India: The Living Chola Temples Of Tamil Nadu

With World Heritage Week (19-25 November) being observed all over the country, I am reminded of my trip to the great living Chola temples of Tamil Nadu. Built during the 11th and 12th centuries by the kings of the Chola dynasty that ruled southern India for more than 450 years, these World Heritage Sites stand intact as a testimony to the affluence, brilliance and craftsmanship of the golden period. A stamp from UNESCO only confirms their significance.