World Health Day


A Vegan Diet Could be Your Best Line Of Defence Against Diabetes

This year's World Health Day has an extremely important theme, especially for Indians: "Beat Diabetes". According to the National Family Health Survey, there were more than 69 million registered cases of diabetes in India last year. The International Diabetes Federation expects that number to reach 123 million by 2040. Fortunately, sticking to plant-based meals can prevent, manage and even reverse diabetes.
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The Diabetes Epidemic Will Only Get Worse Unless We Act Right Now

The greatest threats to public health are far from shocking or contagious. They are familiar and common. Diabetes--a condition that's often the result of excess body weight and physical inactivity--is expected to increase rapidly to become the world's seventh largest killer by 2030. On World Health Day 2016, we have the potential to re-calibrate our priorities, recognize the public health threat diabetes poses and do something about it. We can defy expectations and beat the diabetes epidemic. The battle must begin.