Work-Life Balance

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25 Things You Need To Start Doing After You Turn 25

For most of us, between the time we graduate from high school up until the time we hit 25, our lives seem to pass in a blur of exams, higher education, parties and trying to find a job that we don't absolutely hate. It's only when we hit 25 does the quarter-life crisis set in, and we start thinking: "What am I going to do with the rest of my life?" Here are some clues.
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The Pressures And Prejudices That Working Women Must Fight

They said that education was the solution to women's problems. They said that a job, a salary and the independence that came with it would set women free from the constraints imposed by a patriarchal society. But is a job alone enough to empower women or even allow her to live her life with dignity and security? Or is it a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire and exchanging one prison for two?
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Pick Your Husband Wisely: Your Career Depends On It

"The single most important career decision that a woman makes is whether she will have a life partner and who that partner is." When I first read this quote by Sheryl Sandberg, the feminist in me was deeply offended. It seemed backward, belittling, and like something my grandmother would say in a "marriage-should-be-your-highest-ambition" sort of way. But as I continued reading Sandberg's book, Lean In, I found she was right -- particularly in regard to heterosexual relationships.
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My Three-Year Break From Work Empowered Me

As I crawl back to corporate life, I find myself reflecting on the three years' gap I took. Prior to these three years, my life was like that of any busy working woman trying hard to strike that balance. I never questioned the long hours at works--servicing big brands and being part of pitches and launches was the agenda then. But after all these years of working, there was a strong 'inner' call to slow down.
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Why Having A Career Spells Happiness For These Successful Women

Career women in India are defining happiness on their own terms. What does an entrepreneur, an author and a C-suite executive have in common? These women have followed their dreams, overcome feelings of guilt and self-doubt, and leaned on supportive spouses, colleagues, family, and friends to build fulfilling careers. And, they all share one common trait: they cannot imagine their lives without a career.
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I Quit A Great Job to Follow My Husband: Should He Be Grateful For My ‘Sacrifice'?

The other day, a friend of mine from B-School who is soon to be married was brooding about her post-wedding plans. Specifically, she was wondering how she would balance her corporate career with her personal life. She said this to me then: "You were among the batch toppers on campus, among the first to land a great job with a leading company. You could have made a grand career for yourself. But I admire the selflessness with which you quit it all..."
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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Don't be too concerned about money, because all it will do is distract you from achieving happiness. And the irony of ironies is that people think they will be happy when they have money. Money has nothing to do with happiness. If you are happy and you have money, you can use it for happiness. If you are unhappy and you have money, you will use that money for more unhappiness. Because money is simply a neutral force.
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Why I Don't Need ‘Work-Life Balance'

Every Sunday newspaper supplement invariably carries an interview of some CEO or a leader with an opinion on work-life balance and how this is so vital in today's busy world. The misanthrope in me gets amused. Work-life balance is not a verb or a task that's actionable. It's a state of mind. My position is that for any conscientious person who wants to achieve something for his employer (read the one who signs the cheques that feed your family), work should be life and life should be work...