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This Year's Top 3 Winners Of Women's Day Stupidity

I've been trawling social media this year to find the most abhorrent things people do on Women's Day. Every year, it becomes about roses, discounts at spas, offers on oil and atta, and huge sales at clothes shops. Every year it becomes the exact thing it ran from--greedy capitalism co-opting a fiercely anti-establishment movement. So much so that almost everyone's forgotten why we are celebrating it. Here are this year's top three winners of Women's Day Stupidity.

'Don't Smile At The Auto-Wala'

After six days there, I was convinced that Bangalore had a certain lazy sensuality to it, one that apparently extended to auto-walas. Using the mirrors on either side of the rickshaw, I glanced at him, imagining meeting him in a different context -- as a cousin's friend or a colleague at my internship in Hyderabad. A context that admittedly stripped him of his khaki uniform and punted him up several classes.
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The Rise Of The Indian 'Maneater'

We cut our hair, wear clothes that show skin, have multiple sex partners (sometimes even after marriage) and are basically as dysfunctional now as any other society on earth. Somewhere, Indian tradition has given itself away to international television. And the internet. Digital literacy is creating emancipation. Beware, wusses. We women have no intentions of turning back to analogue.
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‘Why Buy A Cow When Milk Is So Cheap?'

Day after day during our pubescent years, and mostly over jam and bread after a long school day, my girlfriends and I would be tutored about the importance of the hymen. And not just that it should remain intact until your wedding night, it should also be gift-wrapped and handed to your husband. Our ayah would regale us with stories about how new brides had to ensure they bled, not just faked the pain. It made marriage seem like a death sentence.
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Women Entrepreneurs In India: Cooking Up Change

According to a 2015 report released by BNP Paribas covering the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, India ranks as the most active country for women entrepreneurs. The report finds that an astonishing 49% of entrepreneurs in the country are women, and places India ahead of Hong Kong and France, the other two nations that follow India in terms of active women entrepreneurs.
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Gendercide: The Blood On India's Hands

I recently came across Barkha Dutt's viral interview clip in which she lambasts a foreign reporter who describes India as unsafe for girls. Like many others, my initial reaction was to feel pride in my childhood idol. But as her response slowly started sinking in, I started to feel uneasy. My gut did not agree with her. Though her arguments sounded reasonable, I knew that her facts were part of an incomplete story. I decided to investigate and dig out the complete truth about the plight of India's women.
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Let Us Open Our Eyes To Invisible Women Workers

These invisible women work in the homes, streets and markets in our cities, and yet we do not see them, or acknowledge their myriad contributions. They can be working in your home and mine, or providing us with our daily needs or collecting our garbage. Despite their daily contributions to our lives and needs, how many of us are ready to acknowledge that they are indispensable to our very existence?

Why Cows Deserve More Protection Than Women

Plus she is low-maintenance. She will never complain she's doesn't have a thing to wear even when her wardrobe is spilling over with her indulgences. She is happy with her God-given hooves and never craves for Jimmy Choos. All she needs is grass to moo with contentment. She's every man's dream come true!