Women Empowerment

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Serendipity 2.0: Making Our Own Magic Happen

Smartphones and social networks have brought the world to our fingertips, giving voice to many who would have otherwise remained unheard. It is up to us, now, to exercise the choice and freedom that technology affords us to get out of our comfort zone. Today, we can choose. To listen and be heard. To discover the world, and ourselves. To discover the magic of human connections and the incredible possibilities they represent.

Women And Ambition: It's Time We Let The Twain Meet

Our society does not really nurture ambitious women. They are depicted in movies as selfish and quite possibly evil, neglecting home and hearth for personal gain. At work too, they may be written off for challenging roles after marriage because of their family responsibilities. There are many such stereotypes that prevent a woman from reaching out and achieving her full professional potential. I have been there too.
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Why Mothers Should Not Stop Earning Their Own Money

I didn't realize the power of financial independence until the day I stopped working and stopped earning. As long as my husband could support my and my family's needs, was it still important that I contribute to our monthly income too? Was it not contribution enough that I was tending to our family and taking care of all their non-financial needs? For lots of reasons, I started realizing that the answer to that question, for me, was no.

Mama's Boys And Ladies' Seats

Our testosterone-scripted movies, our regressive but hugely popular soap operas, our lack of focus on women in public life have all contributed to creating generation after generation of males who still haven't realised that women can do more than cook, clean, bear children and take their abuse. Their loss, I say, going forward. Worse, it's our loss as thinking people if we don't tell them.
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17 Reasons Why A Woman Should Work

Many times I wonder why she should work - your friend, wife, mother, mother-in-law, daughter, sister, any woman. After all, society accepts it if a woman stays home to look after her family's needs. And to try and juggle the responsibilities of home with work requires a feat of endurance, day after day. It's not an easy world out there, at the workplace, the public arena. So, why should she work?
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The Other Half Of Women's Empowerment

For decades, the women's empowerment movement in India has worked tirelessly to provide voices to the formerly voiceless. These movements have brought many women financial independence and actively promoted the importance of female literacy. However, as the female empowerment movement has evolved, it is clear that the next and required step must be to engage with the other half of the gender equation: men and boys.
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What Learning To Drive On Indian Roads Taught Me

There's a brand tagline that pops into my mind every time I drive to the grocery store or to pick up my husband from his office: "Darr ke aage jeet hai" (Success is beyond fear). But however trivial it may seem to someone else, fear is fear. It is never big or small. We all have to fight our own battles against our fears. I have won one such long battle. If you are also trying to conquer an anxiety, then this story is for you.