Atul Tater via Getty Images

What India Taught Me About Respecting Grandparents And Elders

Although nuclear families are the norm in Western countries, I believe we can learn something from India about the importance of nurturing closer ties with the grandparents. Our children could benefit greatly if they could spend more time away from their parents and with their grandparents and other family members--it would help them develop attachments outside the immediate family, improve their social skills, learn family values and build childhood memories which they will carry for a lifetime.
Aashmita Nayar

Three Moms Make For A Whole Lotta Wisdom!

Yesterday, in lieu of it being Mother's Day, I unearthed many qualities, characteristics and traits that have been passed down through these incredible women in my life. In many ways, this was the perfect present for the three mother figures in my life: Primarily, as material presents expire, fade or are digested (yes, am referring to cakes). Also these life lessons are part of the family legacy that I can attribute to my own children one day.