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Why The Wife In Me Doesn't Care To Question Karva Chauth

I do not know how you will label me. Am I the feminist who pays the bills and shares household chores with her husband? Or am I a "typical" Indian woman who at the end of the day submits to the belief that her husband is her God and fasts for him. Here's the thing. When it comes to Karva Chauth, I don't see myself as either a feminist or a traditionalist. Because between the feminist and the "typical" woman, there stands a wife too.
Meriel Jane Waissman

A Rape In My Backyard

Last night I noticed unusual action at the main gate of our housing society. The usually quiet entrance of the apartment complex had been busy through the evening: there were men walking in and out of the gate, the office was still open and the security guards seemed far too alert. Looking from my 9th-floor balcony, I could tell something was happening, but what?