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Karva Chauth: A Womanly Celebration Of Cultural Misogyny

There is a cultural explanation for Indian women's fixation on their husbands' long lives. Whether a man lives or dies ultimately defines how his wife is socially perceived and treated! A married woman is called Sumangala -- the fortunate one, the bringer of good luck. A widow, on the other hand is called Amangala -- the unfortunate one, the bringer of bad luck. The reverse logic does not apply to men.

Divorce Is A Special Type Of Hell For Indian Women

Divorce (noun): The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or some other competent body. This is how the Oxford dictionary defines divorce. Other dictionaries offer minor variations of the same definition. They really gladdened my heart when I first read them as they made divorce sound so simple, like walking into a store and buying a box of candy. This image fades when I think back on my own divorce.