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Why I Support All Of Deepika's ‘Choices' And So Should You

It is not surprising for me to see another set of videos and articles from men and even gender equality activists trumpeting the fact that "this time they do not support Deepika," as if it was a huge favour from them to support her the last time. Is it that Deepika has committed the crime of admitting that if men are allowed to embrace infidelity with much aplomb, why not her?
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The Vogue Empower Ad Asks But Doesn't Answer

It is fitting that the video talks about choice, because that, unfortunately, is one thing that women (even the most powerful of Bollywood icons) don't always have. They spend entire careers playing second fiddle and sex objects to much older male actors for a chance to be their own person. Then, just as soon as they turn 30, they are discarded for the next generation of women with little power.