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I’m Celebrating All Life With A Vegan Eid

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is the easiest way for Muslims to live in accordance with the ethical, environmental and health precepts of Islam, which is why I'll be celebrating Eid with my loved ones at a table full of vegan dishes, such as vegetable samosas and pakoras, spinach potato cutlets, dairy-free halwa, falafels and veg dum biryani.
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Why India Should Stop Aping The West And Follow Its Own Milky Way

Depending on where they lived, Indians generally grew up with milk reaching their doorstep each morning either in a glass bottle (which of course would be refilled and reused) or they'd have their steel cans filled by the milk man, who'd arrive with his own giant steel container. Today, milk generally comes either in a Tetrapak or a plastic packet-- neither one is healthy for our environment or for us because of its plastic content.

A Vegan Diet Could be Your Best Line Of Defence Against Diabetes

This year's World Health Day has an extremely important theme, especially for Indians: "Beat Diabetes". According to the National Family Health Survey, there were more than 69 million registered cases of diabetes in India last year. The International Diabetes Federation expects that number to reach 123 million by 2040. Fortunately, sticking to plant-based meals can prevent, manage and even reverse diabetes.
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Go Vegan To Cut Your Cancer Risk

This year's World Cancer Day on 4 February takes an inspiring approach to tackling the disease with the theme "We Can. I Can", highlighting the positive impact everyone can have -- both individually and collectively -- on preventing cancer. As a nutritionist, I'm pleased that people are becoming empowered to protect themselves, and I know that eating plant-based foods is an essential part of cancer prevention.
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Why You Should Follow A Plant-Based Diet

What do Aamir Khan, Alia Bhatt, Ellen DeGeneres and Carl Lewis have in common? All of them eschew meat, eggs, dairy and other animal-derived foods. But plant-based meals aren't just for the famous. Everyone can choose more plant-based options, and in so doing make a conscious choice to take a stand for animals, the environment and their own health. Moreover, plant-based meals can be a treat to your taste buds as well (just try some of the recipes we've collated).

Combat Swine Flu by Going Vegan

You can't get swine flu from eating "properly handled and prepared pork" or avian flu from "properly handled and cooked poultry and eggs", which means that all bets may be off with regard to pork and poultry products that are improperly handled accidentally. As long as people eat meat and eggs, they'll continue to put all of us at risk of contracting swine-origin influenza viruses, avian flu and other potentially deadly illnesses.