Max Paddler

23 Ways To Have Family Fun In Goa During The Monsoon

During the monsoon, India's sunny beach state turns in to a lush tropical paradise with plenty of hidden thrills. As long as you are not looking for leisurely swims in the ocean and are keen for a little adventure, Goa, despite its heavy rainfall, can offer the most memorable holiday. Avail airline discounts and off-season rates at the most plush hotels, pack your hiking boots and parka, and take a trip with your little ones for a magical vacation.

The Grinch Who (Almost) Stole The Summer Holidays

Just before the children's summer vacations began, a friend called me to her house for an emergency meet. She wanted to discuss what she called a contingency plan. We hadn't, she declared ominously, made any arrangements for the holidays, and doomsday was almost upon us. When I told her that I didn't see reason for panic, she wondered if I was in denial, or if I had some delusions about the fact that the children were going to be home, all day, for two straight months.