Urban Poor

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Screw Geometry, Let's Teach Our Kids How To Count Their Money First

The moment I became financially independent, I started spending. Little did I know I had no training on how to spend. I think kids should be taught how to manage their finances in school! That should be the most important subject, not the Pythagorean theorem. It's like, "Hey kids, don't worry about your credit card bills as long as you know all about the complicated relationship between the sides of a triangle." I mean, what the actual f*ck!
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The Point About The 'Urban Poor' That EVERYONE Missed

Why is the youth suddenly out of cash? One half of the explanation is the growing and unprecedented mobility of the youth for education and jobs. This is partially related to the decision of a section of the middle-class youth to live outside the guardianship of their parents and family members. This social freedom is not entirely synchronized with a financial one, and therefore the problems. The other half of the explanation is the ideological structure(s) we are under, in general.