Fact Checking Modi's Times Now Interview

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Times Now, his first TV interview since taking office, on 27 Jun 2016. As with his Wall Street Journal interview the month before, Modi covered a lot of ground, from economic reform to domestic politics to foreign policy. Here we specifically examine some of his claims regarding his ambitious development agenda.
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

What The Nation Expects From Senior Leaders Like Dr Manmohan Singh

I am sure if Dr. Singh would dispassionately analyse the present Government, he would really realize the India has a Government where the Prime Minister has the last word, where natural resources are allocated without corruption through transparent process, where industrialists no longer visit North Block to push files/decisions, where environmental clearances are dealt with in routine and not stalled on sadistic or corrupt considerations.

Modi Targets UPA Govt Over Coal Scam

PARIS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi tonight targeted the previous UPA government, saying it had allocated coal blocks like one gives away a pen or a handkerchief, causing loss to the tune of lakhs of...