Budget 2016: Stimulating The Start-Up Ecosystem

Apart from consolidating his support for the 'Make in India', 'Start-up India, Stand-up India' and 'Digital India' campaigns, Arun Jaitley must implement a clear plan of action in terms of numbers that entrepreneurs can leverage as promised in these schemes. Substantial funds must be allocated towards development of infrastructure, improving connectivity via roads or internet, removal of red tapism and bureaucracy in implementation of policy, and greater clarity on a ridiculously large number of taxes.
Erik Isakson via Getty Images

The Budget Must Strengthen India To Run A Marathon

Whilst debates about what India's Finance Minister should do on 29 February are getting into a frenzy, there is agreement that India's GDP needs to increase by around 10% per annum for at least two decades, as China's did, for India to transform itself. India must complete a marathon, not waste its energy in sprints. Consider three critical subjects that the Finance Minister will have to deal with in the Budget. These are taxation, provisions for building infrastructure and the development of the social sector.