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The Indian Government's #1 Job Is More Jobs

Unemployed youth are wasted human resources and fuel for social unrest. The governments of developing as well as developed countries are realizing that the creation of more jobs may be their job #1. A survey of Indian citizens' views of the performance of Prime Minister Modi's government reveals they are most dissatisfied with its inability to produce more jobs. They want the government to make the creation of more jobs its highest priority now on.

Why Human Capital Will Drive The Success Or Failure Of Make In India

An assessment test done by Wheebox-People Strong in association with CII states that, in the current scenario, of our five million graduates, only 34% are readily employable. Apparently, the maximum skill deficit will be in the manufacturing sector where the demand of skilled manpower is high. This fact should steer our attention to the fact that to enable Make in India to work, we need to play close attention to human capital since it will play a decisive role in the success of this initiative.