Protesters have set barricades alight on July 7, 2017 in Hamburg, northern Germany, where leaders of the world's top economies gather for a G20 summit.Protesters clashed with police and torched patrol cars in fresh violence ahead of the G20 summit, police said. German police and protestors had clashed already the day before at an anti-G20 march, with police using water cannon and tear gas to clear a hardcore of masked anti-capitalist demonstrators, AFP reporters said. / AFP PHOTO / dpa / Markus Scholz / Germany OUT (Photo credit should read MARKUS SCHOLZ/AFP/Getty Images)

'Half The City Is Burning': Hamburg Rocked By Violent, Anti-G-20 Protests

Demonstrators smashed shop windows, torched cars and set fires in the streets.
Jim Urquhart / Reuters

Stale Spaghetti vs. A Sinful Burger: A Middle American Political Allegory

It is late and Joe hasn’t eaten properly the entire day. Jobs such as his don’t pay much and the only way to compensate is to work long hours. Tired, frustrated and hungry, Joe walks into the kitchen to grab something to eat. There is spaghetti in the fridge. Italian-American is his family’s staple diet after all. However, coming home after a long and frustrating day the spaghetti seems stale; a mediocre option, something he should feel comfortable with but doesn’t. Has the spaghetti gone bad, he wonders?

Trump Could Learn A Few Lessons From Modi: Observations From The Republican Convention

As I absorbed the contents on the second day of the Republican convention, I was amused and bewildered in equal measure, as I have been by the American elections in general till date. This piece is perhaps a reflection of that and provides a direct comparison to the 2014 Indian general election and prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s campaign to capture power.