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The Core Reason Why Implementation Is So Difficult In India: Prejudice

Many a living room discussion on the state of welfare policies in India ends with the statement "the problem really is implementation". The conclusion rests on the idea that planning a policy is theoretical and complex, but implementing it is more about effective ground logistics; there is little reason beyond bad bureaucracy or corruption for it to not happen. This explanation ignores a fundamental obstacle to implementation: the prevalence of prejudice, and how implementers decide who gets what.

Warriors To Entrepreneurs: The Story Of Bhil Women

With the help and direction of Prayas, Sasili managed to cultivate vegetables. She reaped profits and, more importantly, her child's health improved. The fresh produce from farms such as her's was met with great demand and this slowly turned their lives around. The younger generation of the Bhil clan now receives education and mothers like Sasili are no longer apprehensive about their child's future.