Hit The Road, Jill!

Earlier, women used to travel with their families only during the winter or summer vacations. A woman travelling solo was unheard of. But today more and more Indian women are keen on travelling and not necessarily with their families or friends.

A Traveller Can Never Be Lost

I am personally more uninhibited and more trustful when in faraway lands than the city I live in. That jump into the unpredictable lake, the most interesting hour-long conversation with a stranger, the hours of plucking dead grass without the support of a human being or the prison of a smartphone. We travel to experiment, to lose our inhibitions, to learn, to discover, to find ourselves. Tell me, how can one get lost when travelling?
Ajay Jain

7 Reasons to Go Road Tripping in India

No matter how much you research for your trip, you will be offered temptations prompting you to change course. A hidden fort, a beautiful lake, apple plantations, a religious festival, marriages, local fairs--the more you ask around, the more to-dos will get added to your list.
Supriya Sehgal

The Last Photograph

Amongst incense, flowers, ladders, stacks of wood and bright shining sheets, I spotted a dusty frame that hung precariously on a wall, camouflaged between photo frames of Gods. A collage of people with cotton-stuffed nostrils, eyes forcefully shut and sullen faces surrounding the dead peered at me. Here, was the unglamorous side of photography--pictures of the dead.
Wolfgang Kaehler via Getty Images

Dropping Ideas

The last two years alone have taken me to places, the names of which -- let alone having heard of -- I couldn't even pronounce. An early thought while struggling with my 'thinker's-block' , was to write about all the quaint, faraway, almost mythical towns, I like to say, I met.