Mridul Pareek

This Is Why I’m Mad About Mandu [Photoblog]

When I informed my parents that I was going to Mandu, they were quite confused as they had never even heard of it. In case you haven’t heard of it either, Mandu is a small town situated in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. And the reason why I was so excited to go there is because it is home to some of the most beautiful medieval Afghan architecture in India.
Jerry Redfern via Getty Images

The Pointlessness Of Jungle Safaris

Human beings going on a jungle safari in a national park… what a ridiculous activity it is. I have been on quite a few of them myself and trust me I am not particularly proud. We love to create so much drama and suspense around the whole deal. We think of ourselves as great achievers if we manage to get a glimpse of the animal and feel utterly depressed if the mission fails.
Max Paddler

23 Ways To Have Family Fun In Goa During The Monsoon

During the monsoon, India's sunny beach state turns in to a lush tropical paradise with plenty of hidden thrills. As long as you are not looking for leisurely swims in the ocean and are keen for a little adventure, Goa, despite its heavy rainfall, can offer the most memorable holiday. Avail airline discounts and off-season rates at the most plush hotels, pack your hiking boots and parka, and take a trip with your little ones for a magical vacation.