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Mumbai To Delhi And The Miles In-Between

As if on cue, I spot the 'socialite' carefully lowering her croc Birkin into its dustbag and then into its raincoat (one must be prepared for sudden downpours inside terminals) before she places it on the X-Ray belt. One lane away is the shifty teenage 'dude' who seems nervous about the botanical products that he may or may not have stuffed into his pockets (memories can get a bit foggy). I watch him collect his bag and sprint towards the gate, looking furtively over his shoulder - sure enough, he's going to Goa.

The Ultimate Travel Playlist

Tickets, maps, cash - check. But aren't you forgetting the most important thing? Your travel playlist. No impending adventure can be complete without a set of songs to accompany every moment, irrespective of whether you're hitching it by plane, train or automobile.
Rathina Sankari

Dandeli: A Walk Into The Woods

The train chugged through the countryside of Uttar Karnataka. The monsoons had kicked in and the ponds, lakes and reservoirs had started to fill. Life had sprung in every nook and corner and the earth was garbed in green. The terraced paddy fields swayed as the North West monsoon winds blew across the land. I was headed to Dandeli in the Western Ghats, home to the Dandeli-Anshi Wildlife Reserve and a natural habitat for black panthers, tigers, leopards, deer, sloth bears, bison and a multitude of birds.