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A Million Deaths Later, Road Safety Issues Stay Parked In India

A year from Gopinath Munde's demise, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari's conviction to ensure safer roads seems to be on shaky ground. He did release a fairly comprehensive Bill in September last year, but over the course of the past several months and many protests by vested interests and lobbies later, this Bill is in shambles. An exercise that started with none other than a Union Cabinet Minister's road accident death has become the subject of official apathy and an example of extremely weak political will.
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11 Types Of Bad Delhi Drivers

Stuck in traffic for hours on end, I have not much to do but think about driving and drivers. I wonder why my fellow Dilli-Gurgaon commuters can't drive a little sanely. Not everyone is crazy, but enough are for me to have identified 11 specific categories of drivers and driving habits in Delhi-NCR.

Great Indian Drivers

The very thought of driving in India is enough to make any racing car driver want to shift to a less dangerous profession, like becoming a mountain climber or an independent journalist in North Korea.