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A Sanction For Abuse: Govt's Stand On Jallikattu Bull Festival Is Against Law And Humanity

The Centre has shown that it is impossible to practise politics without some measure of subterfuge. In a notification dated 7 January 2016, the Central Government allowed the use of bulls in jallikattu and bullock cart races in the name of tradition, which is in flagrant opposition to a ruling by the Hon'ble Supreme Court that banned the use of bulls in such events.
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A Fight To The Finish: The Case Against Animals For Entertainment

Animal fights for entertainment are a result of an indulgence in bloodlust by human beings who exploit this 'animalistic' instinct towards violence (or is it survival?) through fear, coercion and inordinate torture. Animals who are selected to fight are often left without food, water or shelter and are usually subjected to physical violence during the training period to incite aggressive behaviour.
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At Puri, It's Time For The Gods To Be Reborn

This summer, give regular getaways a miss to witness the grand celebration of Nabakalebara in Puri, Orissa. This occasion, which usually takes place every 19 years (it was last celebrated in 1996), sends the temple town into a flurry of activity with the onset of summer. After all, this is the time that the presiding deities -- Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra, Subhadra and the Sudarshan (a weapon) -- get a fresh lease of life, quite literally.