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Shit, My Best Friend Is a Muslim

In these troubled times, with the attacks in Paris, Lebanon, Pathankot and beyond creating a climate of fear, I feel the collective and justified hatred towards religious terrorism. But when this hatred spills over to every human being practising Islam, I fear for my friend. And that's when I think, "Shit, my best friend is a Muslim."
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Tolerating Dissent In A Democracy: The Role Of ‘Banal Nationalism'

Michael Billig developed the term "banal nationalism"to highlight the ways in which the rhetoric of a number of different players -- whether politicians, reporters or "common people" -- draws upon unquestioned assumptions about what it means to be a member of a nation. In this case, banal nationalism makes it possible to say without irony that one cannot tolerate being accused of any kind of intolerance.
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5 Ways In Which I'm Making This Diwali A Festival Of Significance

Perhaps, it is a tad overambitious, or even delusional, on my part to drag Milan Kundera into this. But in his latest novel, The Festival Of Insignificance, Kundera suggests that insignificance is "the essence of existence". Much like Diwali of today, where we seem to celebrate the insignificant and lose ourselves in the trivial. I seemed to look deep down into Kundera's soul and grasp the reality of "festivity" that lies at the heart of insignificance and despair. It is a call to restore that unbearable lightness of our beings.

Raghuram Rajan's Economic Case For Tolerance: Are The Development-Crazy ‘Bhakts' Listening?

The RBI Governor says that an environment that encourages the questioning of received wisdom without the fear of being targeted for it is one where ideas will grow and flourish. This is an intellectual eco-system that fosters innovation, which is critical for economic growth. Surely the bhakts of India should understand this argument. After all, one thing they have been consistent about is the need for development. Anyone who questions this receives violent abuse on social media and is branded "anti-national".

My Dear Fellow Hindus, Why Have You Lost Your True Religion?

Why do some of you fall prey to easy arguments of majoritarianism? Consider the large numbers of your sons and daughters who have emigrated to the West. What if the West turned on them, these Hindu minorities? What if the granddaughter you adore so much in Birmingham or Atlanta or Boise suffered the same fate at the hands of rampaging Christian mobs that hundreds of equally adorable girls suffered at the hands of rampaging Hindu mobs in Godhra and elsewhere? Would you be singing paeans to majoritarianism then?
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Different Folks, Different Jokes

I felt like a preachy mother who doesn't know how to laugh. Because "funny" videos showing a toddler flying off the swing and falling with a thud also appall me. Does age have something to do with humour? As Aamir Khan said, "I am not a 14-year-old that I will be impressed at cuss words." Whether it was Bollywood or Twitter, the jokes at the AIB Knockout confused many and divided many more.