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Toilets, Toilets Everywhere: Plumbing The Depths Of India's School Sanitation Puzzle

Toilets in schools are being dished out like paani puris at a busy market on a Sunday evening. Analysis of Swachh Vidyalaya campaign data reveals that in the 15 days between 27 July and 11 August, 2015, approximately 89,000 school toilets were constructed. Expectedly, the government has engaged in arthritis-inducing backslapping at having constructed 5933 school toilets per day. And predictably researchers and sanitation professionals are viewing these numbers with suspicion.
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What Are You Doing To Make Bharat Swachh?

When I walk down millionaire's row in the seaside town of Drobak outside Oslo where I live in summer, I see the owners of stately mansions and exclusive boats scrubbing their decks, cleaning cars, shovelling leaves from the driveway, conveying trash in top- of-the-line electric Teslas to the neighbourhood dump. They would be astonished to learn this was dirty work meant for underlings or lower caste people. How can ensuring cleanliness be dirty?

Why We Need To Question The ‘Success' Of Modi's Toilets-In-Schools Programme

In mid-August 2014, the Minister for Human Resources Development enthused that in one year all schools would have toilets for boys and girls. She was driven by Prime Minister Modi's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. A year later, the Ministry's website shows a mark-sheet that would be the envy of any student. However, the evidence from non-MoHRD sources points in the direction opposite to what the Ministry would have us believe.