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anand purohit via Getty Images

Namaste: Introducing HuffPost India

Greetings from India, where I'm thrilled to announce we're launching our latest international edition, in collaboration with The Times of India Group and its digital arm, Times Internet (TIL). Beyond its 1.24 billion people, India is vast in every way -- its history, its colors, its food, its spiritual traditions, the billions of stories of its people, its contradictions. And without question India is facing huge and unique challenges -- from poverty and sanitation to sexual violence and endemic corruption. But India has unique resources to meet all these challenges. It's in looking back to its ancient traditions that have been exported around the world that so much of the wisdom and strength needed to build the future will be found. And I'm thrilled that HuffPost India will be there to chronicle this story and -- just as important -- help Indians tell their stories themselves.