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The Dirty Indian In Thailand

From all across the country, medical representatives, dealers, salesmen, were heading to Thailand - to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. These worthies were not interested in pad Thai or tom yum soup; they were not interested in the floating market or the Buddhist temples; they were not interested in the river cruise or the Erawan Shrine. They were only interested in themassage - the massage with a happy ending!
Ajay Sood

The Heritage And Crafts Arc Of Northern Thailand

When you think of Thailand as the tourism authorities sum it up, a myriad images usually crop up - from beaches and snorkelling to spas and massage, from Buddhist temples and ornate stupas to Khon, the traditional dance form. The slideshow begins. Yet, something else deserves a place on this list: traditional crafts. It is not that there is any paucity of beautiful handicrafts in this wondrous country - it's just the rest of the imagery has a stronger gestalt!

Grey Wolves, Victoria's Secret And The Bangkok Bombing

As theories abound about the perpetrators of the attack at a Hindu temple (which actually welcomes mostly Chinese pilgrims) in Bangkok, the name of one ultranationalist group has not received as much coverage as it should have. In fact, just recently Turkey's Bozkurtlar or The Grey Wolves have been in the news not because of terrorism but because of a Victoria's Secret lingerie model.
Chiang Mai

Photoblog: Unfurling The Umbrellas Of Chiang Mai

Northern Thailand is famous for its art and handicrafts and you know exactly why when you take a stroll down San Kamphaeng Road in Chiang Mai. Here you will find wooden handicrafts, silk, silverware, gem factories and, most unique of all, an umbrella-making centre. Thai oiled umbrellas are exclusively crafted here and they proudly make one of the symbols of Chiang Mai. Umbrella making at the Bo Sang Handicraft Centre has an inspiring story that is steeped in history and spirituality.