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We Need To Have An Answer To ISIS's Chilling India Video

Recently, terror organization ISIS released a video showing Indians appealing to Muslims in India to avenge Babri Masjid as well as the events in Muzaffarnagar, Gujarat and Kashmir. Although it is unclear how old this video is, what is significant is that it uses Indians to specifically address Indians, urging them to join the jihad of ISIS. The message is loud and clear. ISIS wants us to believe that there are radicalized Indian Muslims in Syria fighting in its ranks, while also attempting to draw in vulnerable youth in the country.
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The Pathankot Blame Game And What Really Ails Our Security Apparatus

While terms like "comprehensive restructuring" and "sweeping reforms" have become clichéd, one wonders why such symbolism and half-hearted measures are repeated after every major terror incident, or rather, why systemic transformation remains a difficult mission for this nation. This cycle has continued after Pathankot as well. While some of these proposals might be constructive, the actual question that the nation has failed to ponder on is whether such reforms will actually make a credible difference to the manner in which our national systems function.