Bitchy Daughters And Angry Sons: The Turmoil Of Raising A Teenager

Never believe anyone who says no kid is born bad. They don't have a clue. The nicest of parents, who get enough sleep and are in full emotional control and work hard at parenting, get the rottenest kids. There will come a point when the twerp whose bottom you wiped a million times, who managed to do targeted projectile vomiting on you and your most expensive dress, whose snot you have cleared using your own hands will tell you to get a life.
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The Balancing Act Of The BFF Mom

Those two good-looking women you were checking out at the fitness centre today? They dance to the same tune at home too (sometimes it's the latest Beyonce hit, other times it's what Shahid is jiving to). And if you were able to take a peek into their vanity cabinet at home, you wouldn't be able to tell if it's one or the other who shops at the Body Shop...
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Congrats, Your Child's A Teenager -- And You're Enemy No. 1

You know what tests your patience even more than travelling via the traffic-clogged Silk Board in Bangalore? Parenting a teen! Every day is like a permanent roller-coaster ride. Your perfectly fine, obedient child is now rebellious, moody, weepy, questions everything you say and is generally the epitome of obnoxiousness. To add to your woes, they suddenly gain inches. You feel even more intimidated as they glare down at you.