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2015 Hideto Maezawa / Clubberia

Meet The ‘Deaf Artist' Who Plays With Sound

Artist Christine Sun Kim explores the materiality of sound, connecting it to drawing, painting, and performance, in her work. A TED fellow, she has exhibited and performed in worldwide venues such as Tokyo, Berlin, London, Oslo, San Francisco, New York. She has collaborated on sound projects with artists such as Devonté Hynes, Thomas Benno Mader, Wolfgang Müller and Alison O'Daniel. She has also been deaf since birth.
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Top 8 TED Talks To Inspire Your Success

People on top of their game typically don't have more innate potential, skills or luck than the next person, but they sure do make a difference by finding ways to extract the best of what they have at their disposal. To that end, I have compiled eight TED Talk videos that will help you to not only achieve success, but potentially keep the spirit up around it.
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Monica Lewinsky's Liberation From The Shame Game

Monica Lewinsky's starting point was exactly where her life met with a roadblock. The world forgave the 49-year-old President of the United States but it was merciless with a girl who was not much older than a teenager. How does it feel to be judged, recognised for all the wrong reasons and lampooned constantly? Lewinsky herself has answered these questions eloquently in her powerful TED talk, 'The Price of Shame'.