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Technology In Education: Are We Addressing The Real Problems?

Access to digital media is one thing, but enabling research skills is something far more complex and difficult to do. So, if traditional pedagogy as practiced in many schools in India encouraged rote learning (which is equivalent to copy-pasting from textbooks, teacher notes and guides to one’s memory), digital copy-pasting for projects is no different. In fact, it is even worse because the act of physical copy-pasting does not involve one’s mental faculties as much as in mental copy-pasting.
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How Social Media Brought Out My Inner Extrovert

I detested talking on the phone. I hated speaking to people I did not know well in person even more. I spoke to my classmates, parents and immediate cousins, of course, but my comfort zone did not extend very far. So you see, the person that a lot of you so frequently interact with and think is a delight to talk to (yes, I am a delight to talk to. I say so!), was never actually so to begin with.