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The Faults In Our Teachers: Is There A Remedy?

One of the most belittling comments about teachers, unfortunately with more than an iota of truth in it, was made by famous Irish polemicist George Bernard Shaw. To paraphrase: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.” In India, where education, from the primary to higher levels, is in shambles, with minuscule islands of excellence, a lot of people find great truth in Shaw's words. Yet, however criminal it may be for a teacher to be absent, vengeful, incompetent and callous, the buck actually does not stop at him or her alone.
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The Damage Done By Indian Schools

It was when I started studying in a university abroad that I realised the full extent of damage done by my schooling. For instance, in my first year I could not turn in an English literature essay of substance. My university education became the beginning of my un-schooling. But how many of us have this opportunity to undergo this un-schooling? I did three years of BA, followed by a year of postgraduation studies, and I still feel the effects of this schooling on me. So what of others?

Pigs: Mirrors Of Humanity Through The Ages

In Western literature and popular culture, pigs are everywhere--in proverbs, legends, children's stories, novels. They appear as images of disgust, and warnings against greed, but also as comical, naïve, scheming, ingenious--heroic, even. What is it that so fascinates us about these ungainly, muck-loving creatures?
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The Power Of The Collective

My friend and I managed to get the permissions to teach for free in a Balwadi classroom in the railway complex. It was at this time that I saw an ad for the Teach For India Fellowship program. I remember thinking that if I was doing this in all of my spare time anyway, why not take it up full-time and work towards actually solving the education crisis at scale!
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How A 22-Year-Old Brought Hope To Dozens Of Disadvantaged Children

She is just 22 years old, but she has already traversed the challenges of being a teacher to 36 sixth graders from low-income communities, a friend to their parents and families and now a mentor to a group of Teach For India Fellows as their Program Manager. Angeline Dias, or "Angie" as she is lovingly called, reflects a depth of wisdom that belies her years, along with a tenacity to explore even the seemingly impossible.
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How An Engineering Graduate Became Teacher Of The Year

It was in his final year of engineering, as he was preparing for the Civil Services examinations, that Jai came across Teach For India's vision -- One Day All Children Will Attain An Excellent Education. He shares: "It got me thinking. Having lived in an underprivileged community myself, I wanted to empower children like myself to rise to their potential. As an Indian citizen, it's my responsibility to contribute to my country's development."

How Seema Kamble Transformed Her Life – And Those Of Others

Today, she is the Head of Academics at the 3.2.1. Education Foundation. From leading curriculum design to overseeing student learning and teacher training, she does it all with humble aplomb. Armed with her zeal for an excellent education for every child, she goes about her work with the aim of learning something new every day. Looking at Seema Kamble, I see a headstrong, confident young woman ready to take up any challenge that comes in the way of her passion for education.