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This Performance Arts Project For Kids Brought Mothers Out Of Their Shell Too

In 2013, Deeganta Dutta, an MBA from IIM Calcutta, had just finished his sixth year as a consultant in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. It might seem unlikely that he would then begin working closely with Nidhi Lamba, a bioscience graduate trained in theatre from the National School of Drama, but as Teach For India Fellows, this is precisely the sort of experience they anticipated. In fact, it is unique collaborations like these that lead to amazing initiatives like Project Aarzoo.
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‘People Like You And I Just Don't Become Teachers'

"Ten years ago, people were critiquing me for my choices, asking why I wasn't an engineer at Infosys or TCS," says Sathyanand Swaminathan, who began his career in the development sector more than a decade ago. Today, he's thriving. He's a manager with Karadi Path, an innovative non-profit organization that provides language-learning programs to more than 1200 schools across India. "Working in the social sector is considered a viable career option today. It was previously a rich man's hobby. It's now a respectable choice," he says.
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Why Closing The Opportunity Gap Is The Key To Reducing Inequality

We have among the highest number of millionaires in the world but a large percentage of the population lives in poverty. We churn out doctors and engineers but also have a high illiteracy rate. Inequality is present in every form in India. While the extent of the wealth gap is undisputable, what we should really focus on is the opportunity gap. Levelling the playing field is different. We first need to make sure that everyone has access to a field.
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More Than Education: Govt's Focus On Skills, Employability Is A Step Towards ‘Achche Din'

The latest Union Budget infamously reduced the total allocation to education by around 2%. However, there were several positive developments -- the expenditure on secondary and tertiary education was increased by a whopping 22%. The department of Higher Education was allotted Rs 26,855.26 crore, a significant improvement from last year's revised estimates of Rs 23,700 crore. But what was even more heartening was the increased focus on skilled labour.
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Reaching For The Horizon

A student of Epiphany High School, Priyanka comes from a low-income community in Pune and has been brought up by a single mother, as her father has been in prison for quite some time. Having been a regular part of various street plays and theatre performances in school, Priyanka got noticed by Ahona Krishna - a 2011-13 Teach For India Fellow at Epiphany - who immediately requested that she audition for the upcoming Teach For India Maya Musical - a partnership between Teach For India students and Broadway artists.
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The Power Of The Collective

My friend and I managed to get the permissions to teach for free in a Balwadi classroom in the railway complex. It was at this time that I saw an ad for the Teach For India Fellowship program. I remember thinking that if I was doing this in all of my spare time anyway, why not take it up full-time and work towards actually solving the education crisis at scale!
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How A 22-Year-Old Brought Hope To Dozens Of Disadvantaged Children

She is just 22 years old, but she has already traversed the challenges of being a teacher to 36 sixth graders from low-income communities, a friend to their parents and families and now a mentor to a group of Teach For India Fellows as their Program Manager. Angeline Dias, or "Angie" as she is lovingly called, reflects a depth of wisdom that belies her years, along with a tenacity to explore even the seemingly impossible.
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The Other Half Of Women's Empowerment

For decades, the women's empowerment movement in India has worked tirelessly to provide voices to the formerly voiceless. These movements have brought many women financial independence and actively promoted the importance of female literacy. However, as the female empowerment movement has evolved, it is clear that the next and required step must be to engage with the other half of the gender equation: men and boys.
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How An Engineering Graduate Became Teacher Of The Year

It was in his final year of engineering, as he was preparing for the Civil Services examinations, that Jai came across Teach For India's vision -- One Day All Children Will Attain An Excellent Education. He shares: "It got me thinking. Having lived in an underprivileged community myself, I wanted to empower children like myself to rise to their potential. As an Indian citizen, it's my responsibility to contribute to my country's development."

How Seema Kamble Transformed Her Life – And Those Of Others

Today, she is the Head of Academics at the 3.2.1. Education Foundation. From leading curriculum design to overseeing student learning and teacher training, she does it all with humble aplomb. Armed with her zeal for an excellent education for every child, she goes about her work with the aim of learning something new every day. Looking at Seema Kamble, I see a headstrong, confident young woman ready to take up any challenge that comes in the way of her passion for education.