This Performance Arts Project For Kids Brought Mothers Out Of Their Shell Too

In 2013, Deeganta Dutta, an MBA from IIM Calcutta, had just finished his sixth year as a consultant in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. It might seem unlikely that he would then begin working closely with Nidhi Lamba, a bioscience graduate trained in theatre from the National School of Drama, but as Teach For India Fellows, this is precisely the sort of experience they anticipated. In fact, it is unique collaborations like these that lead to amazing initiatives like Project Aarzoo.
Alex Mares-Manton via Getty Images

‘People Like You And I Just Don't Become Teachers'

"Ten years ago, people were critiquing me for my choices, asking why I wasn't an engineer at Infosys or TCS," says Sathyanand Swaminathan, who began his career in the development sector more than a decade ago. Today, he's thriving. He's a manager with Karadi Path, an innovative non-profit organization that provides language-learning programs to more than 1200 schools across India. "Working in the social sector is considered a viable career option today. It was previously a rich man's hobby. It's now a respectable choice," he says.