Shruthi Vijayakumar

Communi-Tea Building, One Cup At A Time

In the midst of a construction site in a rapidly developing suburb of Pune, you'll find an interesting collection of people gathered. IT professionals, mechanics, builders, taxi drivers, teachers, parents, children, and grandparents too. People of various faiths. People from all walks of life. And at the heart of this group is a hardworking, cheerful, incredibly talented chai maker who can teach us all about a lot more than just tea.
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Storm In A Teacup: Troubles Are Boiling Over For Darjeeling Tea, Says New Book

India's only GI-patented product, the exclusive Darjeeling tea, grown on 86 designated estates in the region, is fighting for survival on the frontlines of climate change. In Darjeeling: A History Of The World's Greatest Tea, published recently by Bloomsbury, author Jeff Koehler documents the decline in tea production on various estates due to changing rainfall, hailstorms, unseasonal cold and drought.

Why I Am Proud To Be A Tea Addict

For some, the most magical properties of the drink appear in its perfect timing and temperature. I remember my grandmother driving the whole house crazy if she wasn't served tea on time and piping hot, along with a Hindi national daily. If this ritual failed, her bowels would revolt and she'd be quite incapable of producing a satisfactory movement. Tea was probably the only laxative she knew of in her entire life.