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How A Persecution Complex Underpins Pakistan's Foreign Policy (Part 1: Afghanistan)

Such is the frenzied state of lawmakers in Pakistan today that even a sneeze emanating from New Delhi is enough to upset the balance of power in South Asia. Whether it is news of India's new interceptor missile, or Indian premier Narendra Modi's historic speech to a joint session of the US Congress in June: they all cut like a knife. Various theories have been put forth to explain this phenomenon.
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Why Pakistan Is A Roadblock In Afghanistan's Quest For Peace

Afghan authorities have not directly accused Pakistan of involvement in the Kabul attack of 19 April, but many senior government and security officials have blamed the hostile neighbour for providing sanctuary to terror groups -- most notably the notorious Haqqani Network -- attacking Afghanistan. Kabul intelligence chief Omar Aziz, addressing a press conference, said the attack was orchestrated "outside the country", stopping short of mentioning Pakistan.