Syria Crisis

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Syrian Superheroes Or Propaganda Pawns?: Netflix’s Documentary ‘White Helmets’ Is Already Dividing Opinions

“Don’t give mom a hard time, OK?” the trailer of Netflix’s upcoming documentary White Helmets shows a Syrian Civil Defence (SCD) volunteer, a “White Helmet”, kissing his child, and then stepping out in the dystopian background of the bombed-out city of Aleppo in Syria. He looks up at the sky, scanning it for planes and helicopters, which come and drop bombs every day, killing scores of people who do not matter much to the world anymore.
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The Children Of Crisis

For the first time ever, the international community will come together in Istanbul for the World Humanitarian Summit on 23-24 May, 2016, to discuss the serious humanitarian crisis that the world is facing. At the summit, the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, along with our partners, will bring together leaders at a discussion on protecting children. Through a high-level panel, we will aim to build a strong political will to bring the issues of child labour, slavery and deprivation from education during crises, into the mainstream humanitarian response mechanism.
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How Majeed Went From Fleeing Syria To Dancing In Berlin

Majeed is like any other nineteen year old, checking out girls, posting selfies on Instagram and flexing his abdominals at the drop of a hat. But the closer you get to him, the more you learn about the rivers and forests he has crossed to get to where he is. For a young boy it has truly been a long way from Syria to Berlin and sadly the journey has just begun.
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Why We Need To Stop Blaming Muslims And Islam For Terrorism

Barack Obama called for "collective introspection" in the Muslim community after the Paris attacks. He said that Muslims all over the world must ask "serious questions" on how extremist ideologies have taken root. A call for introspection and taking stock of a situation is a good thing, but by putting that responsibility squarely on the Muslim community, he has deepened the growing chasm of misunderstanding between Muslims and the rest of the world.

Charlie Hebdo And Making A Caricature Of Tragedy

This time, you took it too far, Charlie Hebdo. Your cartoons made me sick. They make me question where your sense of humour was when the two brothers stormed into your office and killed your colleagues? Where did the satire dissolve then? That incident was not funny. Nor is this one. A dead child is a stain on our souls. It is not something to caricature but is a grim reminder of what we failed to do for Alan Kurdi.
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The Syria I Knew

The magnificent Arch of Triumph at Palmyra destroyed -- when I heard, it was like losing a good friend. Having lived in Syria for about three years, from 2003 to 2006, every simmering city I read about in that country today has a memory. Each city and place that hits the headlines for the wrong reasons recalls people and echoes attached to it.
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The Reason Why I'll Never Go For Hajj

Fa ayna tadh haboon. It is very difficult to understand the depth of emotion behind these words in the Quran when God asks us with so much love and compassion, "Where are you going?" The concern with which we are asked about the direction we have taken, if heard and understood correctly, could so easily bring us back to the right path. Unfortunately the people of this world, especially the Muslims, have gone deaf.
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Syria's Humanitarian Crisis Has Only Just Begun

The washed up lifeless body of a 3-year old Syrian boy has become etched in human history and memory as the symbol of one of the worst tragedies since the Second World War -- the mass flight of Syrians escaping war and violence, only to meet an avoidable death. The war in Syria has repeatedly been called a crisis, which it is: a crisis of international law, a crisis of the international community, and most of all a crisis of humanity. It is a tragedy and a despicable failure of the human race.