Syria Conflict

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The Iron Sky: Why We Must Battle Climate Change To Win The War On Terror

Terrorism isn't caused by an act of war or a fundamentalist speech -- it is caused by the inequalities that countries have faced in the past as well as the ones they are facing today. Inequalities that only get exaggerated by problems like climate change. Religion isn't at the root of terrorism, it is scarcity of resources and a lack of empathy. Nothing illustrates this as well as the story of Syria.

Why The Entry Of US Special Forces In Syria Could Make Matters Even Worse

The US President's announcement that Special Forces would be sent to Syria "very soon" is no cause for celebration. In fact, it signals the beginning of even more dangerous developments to come. The overt purpose of this operation is to combat ISIS but also to strengthen anti-Assad forces like the Free Syrian Army and their allies. It is time to ask the US administration the million-dollar question: What is your primary objective? Changing the Syrian regime or fighting terrorism?