Mata Jai Kaur

This Harvard Student Has Dedicated Years To Making Life Better For Rural Women

Aneel Brar, a Canadian citizen of Punjabi origin and current student of global health at Harvard University, has been working for rural women since 2011, and helping them be heard. This article itself is the latest instance of that, as his invitation for me to visit 35BB--the village in Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan where he works--opened up my ears to the cries of rural Indian women.
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Why I Decided To Return Swades

For the 'well-paying' job (and the associated 'good quality life'), most of us give up most other considerations. It would be foolish of course to belittle the importance of money, but it is also ill-advised to give it too much weight. Understanding this subtle truth is the sine qua non for ensuring that the big choices of life stay choices, not bargains.