Sustainable Development Goals


Why Policymakers Should Address The Unique Issues Faced By The Disabled In The Global South

For the 800 million disabled people in the Global South, the Convention will not be implemented in Geneva, New York, or Brussels alone. It will have to be implemented for that last person living in the remotest village in these countries. If national and local leaders are not advocating for these rights that CRPD enshrines, then mere ratification of the Convention will not amount to anything.
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Let Our Children Guide Us On The Path To Sustainable Development Goals

"We have beautiful hearts and hopes and want to soar in the sky," said Nisha Das, a girl with disability from a Kolkata slum. It was July 2013, and she was talking at the 67th UN General Assembly's Thematic Debate on Reducing Inequality. Nisha was speaking on behalf of millions of India's children whose dreams had not been met by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Three years later, India needs to revise its priorities to align with the Sustainable Development Goals launched at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly.
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Why Healthcare Must Remain A Priority For New Sustainable Development Goals To Work

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals, which will be rolled out in 2016 over the following 15 years worldwide -- at least on paper -- do include one health goal and a number of targets. However with so many other priorities (climate change, peace and security, water, and many more), something has to give. Recent trends and postulating by key international donors indicate a push back to the paradigm of the 1980s, when the major concern about health was associated with "how much it cost" and not the cost of suffering to people...