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Dismantling Democracy: How The Supreme Court Deprived The Poor Of Their Right To Fight Elections

The Indian Supreme Court, on 10 December, 2015 -- World Human Rights Day, ironically -- rendered a decision in Rajbala vs. Haryana, and upheld the requirement introduced by a state legislature that in order to contest elections at village level, the candidate must have passed "matriculate examination", among other conditions. Since a democratic form of governance is a basic feature of the Constitution, it ought to follow that right to vote or contest election, even if provided by statutes is really in the realm of essential Constitutional rights.

Why India Should Just Let The Italian Marines Go

The Enrica Lexie incident, in which two Italian marines stand accused of killing two Indian fishermen, seems to have grown into an irritating thorn in the relations between India and Italy. Given that the incident occurred four years back and there does not seem any possibility of near closure to the issue, it needs to be examined whether continuing with this case would be worthwhile to India.
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Why the NJAC Case Is Critical For India's Future

There was no doubt among lawyers that, during the NJAC arguments, Courtroom Number 4 was the most crowded place in Lutyens Delhi. Law students, like me, hustled for an empty spot just to be able to hear some of the best legal minds in the country delve in to the nuances of the Constitution, like never before. The massive interest in this case stems from its potential to shake the foundations of our judicial system.