Summer Vacation

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Why You Should Give Your Children The Gift Of Boredom

Time moved slowly when I was a child. The days seemed endless. It's a contrast to my children's childhood, where all their activities seem scheduled weeks in advance. They'd widen their eyes if I told them how much time I spent doing nothing. They'd look at me as I look at those older than me who boast about walking barefoot to school. The way you do when you catch an uncomfortable glimpse into a time before civilization.
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We Aced Toddler Road Travel These Holidays. Here's How

Having had somewhat challenging plane and train journeys with our three year old, we were not really sure if we could pull off a road trip. But when summer came this particularly hot year, the hills beckoned and we decided to give it a shot. To our shock and awe, it turned out to be one of the easiest trips we had ever taken with him. Here are some pointers for parents of young kids who want to brave a road trip and grab some adventure and family bonding during the summer vacations.
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50 Online Learning Tools That Will Keep The Kids Sharp All Summer

While you should not leave your kids alone with devices for hours at a stretch, neither is it correct to assume that all technology use will "fry their brains". With some involvement and intervention from you, you can use technology as a tool to not only engage your child but also nurture their curiosity and desire to learn. We've done some research for you and zeroed in on a list of 50 technology tools (all tried and tested by us) for your kids to explore this summer.
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I Am The Grandma In The Summers

Although seeing the children play inspired me to get more involved, I, frankly, couldn't be a kid anymore. I was just too grown up, logical, rational. Suddenly, the proverbial lightbulb went on over my head. I could almost feel the aura of enlightenment around myself. It was crystal clear what I had to do.
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The Best Getaway Of Them All...

Summers for me meant endless days at my grandfather's house, which was the enchanted land of do-what-you-want. We would arrive at his gates the moment our vacations began and leave, kicking and screaming, when July sprung upon us, all-too-soon and without warning. Our mother, to our unimaginable delight, was not only barred entry, but was also made to renounce all parental control.

The Grinch Who (Almost) Stole The Summer Holidays

Just before the children's summer vacations began, a friend called me to her house for an emergency meet. She wanted to discuss what she called a contingency plan. We hadn't, she declared ominously, made any arrangements for the holidays, and doomsday was almost upon us. When I told her that I didn't see reason for panic, she wondered if I was in denial, or if I had some delusions about the fact that the children were going to be home, all day, for two straight months.