Suicide Prevention

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I Attempted Suicide Twice But Now I Know It’s Not An Option

A recent study claimed that for the first time that suicide was the leading cause of death among young Indian women (ages 15-49), overtaking deaths during childbirth. What’s important to realize here is that those who attempt suicide are not being “selfish” or “taking the easy way out”. They are mentally ill, and they do it to end their plight. They are going through a difficult time in their life. A person who went through a similar phase shared her story with us.
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The One Thing That Stopped Me From Following In My Father's Final Footsteps

On a cold winter night in Delhi, I start to get dressed for a journey. I put on my panties, and hook my bra. Next, I put on my jeans, brush some dirt off them; after all, I don't want to come across as someone untidy. I wear my shirt and button it down. I look at myself in the mirror. Not too shabby, I think to myself... I take a brown envelope out of the drawer. Inside I find the strip of sleeping pills I had bought three nights back.
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What's Really Killing Indian Teens

Sometime in the last decade, there was a paradigm shift in what we know to be the biggest threats to our kids. If you're wondering how you missed it, it was released in late 2014 in a low-key World Health Organization report (and first reported by The Telegraph earlier this year). Which means that, while we have all been worried about junk food, drunk driving, and dengue, the biggest threats to Indian teens are teens themselves.