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‘You’re So Hardworking But You Just Don’t Have The Brains’

I remember that throughout my life as a student and as a topper, people have called me hardworking, ambitious, determined, confident. But no one in my life, like literally, no one, ever, called me “intelligent”, “intellectual” or “smart”. I remember how I once felt extremely bad for a week when my favourite maths teacher told another student to take a cue from my hardworking nature, adding that it was only the effort I put in that allowed me to score 99% marks.
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Here's What The Millionaires Next Door Taught Me About Success

As a writer of books which chronicle the lives of successful entrepreneurs, I have met many high achievers over the past few years. I became acquainted with their life journey and the struggles they faced to reach the top in their chosen field. I realized that while there's no secret formula to success, there are indeed some common principles that successful people apply effectively in their lives to keep them on course in difficult times. Here are some lessons I took from the lives of these successful entrepreneurs.

‘I'm Not Needy. I'm Wanty': Are Brands Listening?

Consumers are no longer looking to fill need gaps. They don't have unmet "needs," strictly speaking. And, in their efforts to fulfill their greeds, consumers are willing to leave no stone unturned. To paraphrase an old adage, consumers are now saying, "I always live within my budget, even if I have to borrow to do so."