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The Unbearable Burden Of Being A Class 12 Student In India

If you are a parent of a teen who has just appeared for her board exams, you will know exactly what it feels like when the results are about to be declared. It's like waiting for your own results. Only this time, you are not a carefree teen but a worry-wart adult plagued by ifs and buts, and what will the world and its aunt think if your child scores an abysmal 85%? Even Mrs Chatterjee's useless son scored a 97%!
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Students Are Right To Cry Foul Over Sedition Charges, ‘Atmosphere Of Terror’ In JNU

It is shocking that the highest offices of the government are extending no quarter to basic Constitutional rights like freedom of speech and expression and are instead summoning sedition. This creates a grave doubt in any reasonable observer's mind that more is underway than is being demonstrated. It is well-known that the BJP's ideological mentor, the RSS, can't stand JNU and its spirit of dissent and critical enquiry and has demanded its closure many times. The JNU students have cried foul and rightly so.